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Neil Rochford

The success of military adventures can be graded in a variety of different ways. What is gained for what is lost. Although the British expedition to Gettysburg was eventually glorious, it has been suggested that Christopher Columbus himself had easier transit to the new world than the Funky continuum's first attempt. There is now a large sign in the FTF headquarters that reads simply "Avoid France". FTF advice is if a French woman's voice ever tells you to sit on a little train in Paris and "wait", DON'T! The train doesn't work and she (and all her fellow colleagues) will remain 100% indifferent to the fact that your flight is just about to leave without you on board, leaving you 24 hours in limbo with nothing to eat but overpriced stale French sticks and your wallet being the price of a new plane ticket lighter.

On arrival to Maryland we found the local population to be very helpful and accommodating (especially considering we were invading their territory (again !!)). Mr & Mrs Pittelli are the most welcoming and generous people ever known to the FTF's. We want to give a massive thank you to them both and hope we get the opportunity to repay their kindness if they ever travel to Manchester UK.

Saturday morning we departed for the historical town of Gettysburg where many seasoned battlers would gather. The location was ideal and beautiful with perfect weather and great company, we knew this was going to be a great weekend to shoot everybody.