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A Bridge Too Far

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Central part of battlefield viewed from the pit/parking area. Probably looks the same as it did back when the original house was built during the Civil War era.
First bridge, closest to the pit area. Well fortified defensive positions on both sides of the bridge will make the crossing tricky.

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Central bridge. Slight decline on each side. An additional piece of plywood will make for a smooth transition on both sides. Tanks may choose to ford the creek in an emergency. Cross-fire from all directions will make this crossing a suicide run for both teams.
Third bridge, furtherest from pit area. Bridge is currently missing to allow ATVs to cross the creek. This bridge is the closest to both home bases.

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View from one home base across to the other home base (small stump behind large pile of stumps). The creek is approx 100 ft (40 paces) away from both home bases, for a 200 ft total distance between the home bases. The battlefield width (distance between 1st and 3rd bridges) is approx 175 ft (70 paces).
Reverse view between home bases (from stump in previous picture to the brightly sunlight spot). Both sides of the battlefield have a wide corridor of flat, open space, with areas of thick brush, trees and logs for defensive positions. Any bridge crossing could force significant alteration of defenses for the opposing side.

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