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Bon Voyage


Editors Note: Battling events are more than just the battles, the participants and spectators have lots of fun in-between the battles as well.

The following images and commentary were provided by Joe Sommer, commander of T010.

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Joe Sommer installed a wireless gun camera in his Hetzer and created this composite image of single frames showing the difficulty of tracking paint balls. Twelve video frames were cut from the long range gunnery video (see Bon Voyage Video). Interestingly, NONE of the shots could be seen while using the camera live. Still frame video analysis shows that first shot was high in Frame 468, the second shot was just left of the Stuart's tracks in Frame 634, the third shot was wide left in Frame 863, and the fourth shot was high right in Frames 1019 and 1020. The gun camera and gun were separated laterally by about six inches causing parallax problems. Gun cameras should be mounted coaxial with paint ball guns for best aiming.

The following photos and commentary were provided by John Pittelli, commander of T012.
The Panzer Mk IV came to the Bon Voyage Battle sporting 3 kill rings. One ring for every 10,000 points earned during the previous battles.

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Click Photo For Enlargement (579 Kb)
Karl came to the Bon Voyage Battle sporting his suspension modified Stuart. Surprisingly, the Stuart in stock condition proved very manueverable, though definitely under powered. Karl painted the Stuart while at the controls of the Mark IV during the lunch break. That was his first experience in tracking and hitting a moving object. Karl would put that knowledge to use during the second battle when he commanded the Mark IV for 1/3 of the battle and scored his first combat hit.
The commander of T012 shows off his combat badge awarded for the succesful infiltration of Quebec. The actions have brought about a non-aggression treaty between Quebec and Tri-Pact. A trade policy has also been established, sending valuable Tri-Pact technology (such as running electric wiring behind the sheetrock) in exchange for first rights on #1 Canadian spruce lumber.

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