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Bad Debt

Video Analysis By JP


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Here we have Caleb preparing his 25 pounder for battle. Joe provides a tale to keep Caleb unaware of how closely we are paying attention to the newest artillery piece. Near the end Joe slips up and mentions the cog wheel that allows the 25 to rotate so quickly. As he is firing, the thunks you hear are the hits on the house down range. This accuracy would prove deadly to many vehicles in the battles. Good job Caleb.

Opening scene: Pay close attention to the manipulations that young Mr. Smith must make to aim the Bofors gun. Keep that in mind when watching the 3 hits that he lays on the Semovente in the next scene.

Scene two: The Semovente in action. See how the smooth traverse and elevate work as Frank lays in on his target. So intent is he, that the first tenet is forgotten. A stationary tank will get hit. Hear Frank exclaim, "That Bofors is a dead guy" after he is hit 3 times by Mr. Smith. The Semovente fearlessly charges into the valley of death with 3 hits on him. As he makes for the cover of the trees in reverse, looks like the death blow is dealt.

Scene three: I score a hit on one of the artillery men. Mr. Smith gets my name, writes it down and draws a line through it, then scores an "oops" shot on my upper right arm. Yes, you hear him say "Sorry", but his chuckle was way too soft for the microphone to record. LOL.

Scene four: Will and his SU attempt to cross the bridge but Joe's Hetzer comes up to block the passage.


Question: What happened to the Cromwell and the Patton after they successfully crossed the bridge?

Answer: They met up with Papa Smith in command of T-77. First he takes on the Cromwell. Not sure exactly what takes place here, but someone is out of ammo. And the Cromwell moves off with T-79 in pursuit. Next, Paul is wandering around crying out "Where's the gold?" Sorry my brother, but such simple interrogation techniques will not work at this level of play. Possibly that shout drew some attention, as Papa Smith lays down a nice tight grouping on the flank of the Patton. Caleb was a little sad to hear that Pop's took his kill. Seems as though that team had a third tank attempt the bridge crossing. Perhaps again when the leader cried out "GO GO GO" the defenders might have been alerted to the attack. Or might not. Not only did the Hetzer take heavy fire, but so did the commander.

Altogether in the first battle there were 4 total invasions. Two in each separate events. First in was the Semovente, and then the Pz II. Then the Cromwell followed by the M-60 Patton.

You can hear the fearsome Semovente war cry in this video. I think there was a mistake made when announcing in a loud voice, "I'm going in".

When the Cromwell crosses the bridge the PzII was in ambush. Sadly, the gunner forgot to load the clip. Once in an deep in the compound, the M-60 Patton invades. They had 2 tanks in at the same time.

What do these invasions all have in common you might ask? None of them got the gold.


Here we have the successful run by T-79 into the enemy compound to retrieve the gold. You'll see the dangerous Pak front, Bofors, 25 pounder and the Navarone. Those men laid down some deadly interlocking fire. Notice the outline of the bridge. That was the only way in and out of the compound.

As I made my approach I waited for the fore support to arrive. And then quickly dashed over the bridge and into the compound. Waited for the fire support to knock out Caleb's gun and then bolted for the bridge. The approaches to the bridge were slick, perhaps with the blood of the enemy gunners ,and I spun out briefly. Finally got some traction and I was off to safety.

Entitled hostage rescue, the Smith Clan was supposed to keep us tankers at bay. I'm not sure what happened, but it was more like we were shopping at the Hostage Superstore.

The beginning shows one of Steve's many successful runs.

I think the crew of the Semovente had a few too many chianti's. Knocked the roof off the house, toppled the guard tower, and almost wiped out Alpha Wolf.

Paul enacted a new concept. Can't be shot at when bent over. Later Steve takes advantage of said new concept. I think it's just a bad thing waiting to happen myself. LOL.

In the waning minutes of play, the final hostage, (which all of the sudden became worth more points to Joe's dismay at first) changed hands at least 3 times. Joe ended up victorious as he had possession when time ended.


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