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R/C Tank Combat

Anarchy In The UK


by Unknown Reporter

The Funky Tank Foundry is in preparation for further unnecessary violence against the generally peaceful population of Surrey. The FTF director has spotted `the chosen one` in a leaked photograph carelessly published by an operative belonging to the Palmer Alliance Ltd Society .

The individual termed `chosen` has been identified as the one called little Eric, born of nurse Nelly and Unfortunate Eric (amongst other possible fathers). The Director intends to capture Little Eric and give him a whole new life away from the pressure and distractions of freedom or liberty. Little Eric is to be trained under the watchful eye of experienced, dashing and brave tank commander Funky Neroc.

Albert Tacklebottom recently and reluctantly promoted to head of operations is to be sent down to Surrey to personally over see the construction of a new Head Quarters to be built on Palmer Alience soil. it is hoped that this act will embrace the Southern KOR members in to a desire to fight. It is felt that KOR assets built from sources other than the FTF are of a weaker breed only providing light entertainment to their Funky foe.

When Mr Tacklebottom finally became free to comment, he raised to his feet, pushed his hand into our photographers face and with legs bowing made a statement:

"On th`mornin o`th 8th o May ! thee ad best be readyin all`s as you can muster on yonder battle field. Happen it`ll be that us new head quarters will be fully operational by the time thum Southern ponsy tanks arrive. Little Eric will be made reet safe un sound in his new home, with solid walls and doors that can withstand anything (but perhaps a close range paintball blast maybe, he said under his breath). But anyhow, that`ll never happen. T051 will be sent to protect HQ so ner worries."

Mr. Tacklebottom latter asked the reporter to remove the comment about the proposed HQ door weakness to paintball blasts but the reporter had a lot on his mind that day.

In addition to the rescue of Little Eric from an ordinary upbringing , the FTF is in need of resources, not least timber. The FTF plans to pillage what is known to locals as Charles wood, Surrey, UK on Sunday the 9th of May. Any tanker on the planet is welcome to try to stop any of the above proposals from happening.