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R/C Tank Combat

1st Monkton Crusade

Battlefield and Attendees

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Fifteen combatants participated in this battle, making it the largest R/C Tank Combat event to date.

Sitting: John

1st Row: Steve T, Steve E, Karl, Frank, Will, Paul, Rick, Joe, Ed

2nd Row: Chris, Marty, Tom, Sean

Not Shown: Pete
The battlefield was a perfectly flat soccer field that was out of the way and well groomed. High speed and slow speed vehicles alike would have an easy time moving around the field. Home bases were established in front of each goal and a village was established in the middle of the field.

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Steve Edwards received big kudos for his pre-fab 1/6 scale church. It would become the centerpiece of the battlefield, with a small village of obstacles around it. Two fixed artillery pieces would flank either side of the village. Three soldiers were deployed for each artillery piece to be used as the targets for those pieces. When all three soldiers were hit, the artillery would be destroyed.
Lunchtime was a splendid affair, with Karl's wife supplying everyone with a nice spread from the local deli. That gave the participants time to get out of the sun and relax a little before the next battle.

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Karl's family and friends made a "day of it", watching the battle from a nice shady spot on the hill. Karl's daughter drove the Jagdtiger a little and her boyfriend Pete operated the gun when Karl drove.