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R/C Tank Combat

1st Greek Battle

Battle #1 Summary

Scenario - Seek and Destroy
The objective of the battle was simply to destroy the other tank.

Battle Summary
by Chrysanthos Kanellopoulus
In the early hours today a 40-minute long battle took place in the swamp and junkyard near my place. It lasted only my four remaining 12 gr. bottles (shops will open again tomorrow) and no more than 80 paintballs for both vehicles. The legendary and brave Tankette was hit 3 times (one on the front glacis plate). The Ha-Go was hit also three times on the sides and on the lower hull, between the suspensions. I guess the Tankette won. I was wise enough to add the little suspended mantlet to the Tankette, or the entire interior would have flooded in goo. There's a delay to both triggers. A courageous cameraman got into the battlefield when things were calmer. Watch the news tonight for footage.