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R/C Tank Combat

1st Battle of Britain


Prelude to War
by Neil Rochford

A newly finished 1/6th Locust (call sign "chip") was pitted against the more powerful Leopard in Neil's back garden today. Each tank was given 30 paint balls and was run on 12v to be fair (I'll never be fair again). Peter Arundel was in charge of the Locust, I had full control of the Leopard. The scrap raged for about 5 minutes and gave the Locust a reasonable testing. Not only was this experiment tremendous fun, it showed that the Locust was having major radio problems and some of the paintballs it fired failed to break. Some amount of head scratching seams to be in order. The Leopard performed very well and if this were a documented battle, I would have chalked up 500 points. Sadly I could not find my camera so the mini battle wasn't filmed.

Later (when I found my camera) I took a movie of the Locust and posted it on YouTube, as can be seen here. Have a look for the old war wound on the side of the turret. A warning to all those who wish to build turrets out of chip pans.