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From: "Stacy Hilton" <stacyj-at-defnet.com>
Subject: Re: Maus? [TANKS]
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 01:52:34 -0400
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Now here is a good reason for a speed rule!  A huge, impenetrable tank that 
on a good day could go 8mph.  In 1/6 scale speed that would be damned slow. 
Yet with ample space for 400W kollmorgens (or larger motors, I've found up 
to 600W) this vehicle would be able to haul ass, have 40 paint balls, and 
argue for 10 hits to kill it!  Despite the fact that there were only two 
made and only one with a real turret. This one is in Kubinka, Russia (the 
one that had the real turret). http://www.tankmuseum.ru/  I would love to 
see it in 1/6th, but DAMN!

Paul Hilton.

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Subject: Maus? [TANKS]

> Does the Maus count for our purposes?  It was in production, and one
> was dispatched to defend Berlin, albeit not making it in time and
> being blown up by the crew to prevent capture...
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