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Subject: Re: Brit rallying [TANKS [TANKS]
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 18:47:54 -0400
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I thought it was called KOPB (King's Own Paint Ball).
a) I'm in
b) See above (or whatever)
c) Battles in UK when we get enough people. Trips to Belgium, and further field, perhaps.

d) Erm, I can just about manage e-mail. Anyone else got any skills in that regard?

We need a field. There are a couple of paintball places near me. I was just thinking "ah, but they'll charge", when I realised that we may be providing something of a show, plus we may get a good introductory rate. I will make a few calls in a bit.


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Subject: Brit rallying [TANKS]

I`ve come to realise there is no British team/group.
When I joined about a year ago there was talk of a unit/team/whatever called 
"Kings own".
Personally I quite like that but its only got two initials K and O.(Knock out 
so what I want to know from the Brits is 
a, who wants to be in this team/group?
b, what should it be called?
c, what can the team have to offer?
d, Could you help with a teem website?

We could be as many as eight or as few as just me,
(if its just me ,we will be called the Neil team)
Please get in touch ,to my address if you wish.

Kings own battalion (KOB)
Kings own regiment  (KOR) I like that one!
Kings own force     (KOF) :-)
Kings own group     (KOG) Not bad!

Please feel free to add you own.
(It dosent have to have KO in it)

Thank you

Neil R

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