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Subject: RE: psi [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 15:26:04 -0500
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A 9oz CO2 tank regularly sees pressures around the 800psi range.  They usually have a burst disk on them that blows out if you overpressure them.  I’d guess it should handle 250psi of compressed air with out trouble.  Remember that is a guess though and I don’t know if there are any ill effects from putting plain old air in the tank.


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Subject: psi [TANKS]


Is this in your video one of those little compressors that can be powered from a car's battery (12V) and cost about BP 10?  I have seen some even in gas stations but have not checked if their pressure can go up to 250 psi. Can you fill a 9 oz bottle with these?  I am asking the forum because you can never get a straight answer from paintball people.  They don't improvise and invent as much as people in this forum do.





Hello Chris
I`ve had some luck today,but I`m firing at 250+psi .
My reservoir may be too small,
I have found its good to squeeze the trigger quickly.
I have a foto of my test
marker and a new vid on youtube.
I`ve looked at your marker and you say :-
"powered by a Co2 bottle instead of an air compressor"
I cant work out how your marker loads, powers or fires.
(it looks good though)
I hope your coping with the new system, I`ve made a bit of a pudding of the signing
in part.

Neil "bit of a pudding" R