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Subject: RE: Gene's tank[TANKS [TANKS]
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 13:51:36 -0400
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Be prepared to spend well over $2000 to build a tank that truly takes advantage of the brushless motors with an enormous power-to-weight ratio. You CAN get reversing controllers for them, big RC boat ESCs will handle 1000's of watts and do the reversing you need. If you go this route I HIGHLY reccomend using a bigger brushless motor. Lots of gearing is normally needed to allow the motor to spin very fast and run efficiently/powerfully. While outrunners have lower power to weight ratio than inrunners, they have more torque and less speed - much more suitable for a tank drivetrain.
A pair of those would make for a truly bad-ass tank drivetrain, provided they're geared right and the voltage is high enough. While $150 seems expensive, it is incredibly cheap for an outrunner that size. As far as I know, there is no cheaper place to get off-brand brushless motors - period. I've used a few of their motors in bots, and they are nearly as sturdy and efficient as name-brand (Axi, Hacker, Plettenberg, Neumotors, or Mega for instance) motors that sell for >3 times United Hobbies' price.
Have fun, build the frame light, and use batteries better than SLAs - you'll be on your way! I'd be thrilled to see someone build such a tank.

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I'd imagine that you could do clutch-and-brake steering relatively easily, which is 1/2 skid only of course. Full-skid gearboxes are fantastically complex. A few tanks have used petrol-electric systems, but generally cr*p ones like the St Chamond and the TOG II- and that Belgian APC someone has just referred to.

A while back in my roamings on e-bay I came across brushless motors which claimed to be 300W and only a few ounces in weight. Brushless motors are 1-way only, of course, but with such a small size (and cost- 13 or so I think) I wondered if one could use 4 of them- 2 forward, 2 reverse for tank motors.


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Gene said:-
>:"Hope you or someone else actually completes a single motor drive train