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Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 10:43:35 -0400
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I'd imagine that you could do clutch-and-brake steering relatively easily, which is 1/2 skid only of course. Full-skid gearboxes are fantastically complex. A few tanks have used petrol-electric systems, but generally cr*p ones like the St Chamond and the TOG II- and that Belgian APC someone has just referred to.

A while back in my roamings on e-bay I came across brushless motors which claimed to be 300W and only a few ounces in weight. Brushless motors are 1-way only, of course, but with such a small size (and cost- £13 or so I think) I wondered if one could use 4 of them- 2 forward, 2 reverse for tank motors.


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Gene said:-
>:"Hope you or someone else actually completes a single motor drive train.
It would be awesome to see that working. 
If anyone is interested, 
I've got some tank drivetrain 
(other uses as well) parts to sell"

Yes ,I hope that someone completes a single motor drive train too.
Im thinking (maybe dreaming) towards a "cogged" system (however a real tank 
A system that will give full and half skid steering.
I got into this line of thinking trying to "Simplify"
tank progress,I`m now realising two motor systems are much simpler.
Do keep us posted on your projects .

Neil "You live and learn" R

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