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From: "Gene Burbeck" <gburb-at-advantagecs.com>
Subject: RE: Gene's tank[TANKS]
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 14:41:01 -0400
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Why did you lose interest?

Using my big LEM-130, the tank ends up being expensive, heavy, not to
mention LOTS of horsepower means the tank needs a very strong frame. The
differential I used is intended for go-karts, I got it from Northern
Tool. If you're interested, I can sell/trade it to you. IIRC the
differential cost about $80 new. 

I like the single motor setup too, but I decided to go with regular old
skid steering for simplicity and combat effectiveness. All the speed of
a tank built like an RC car is not nessesary for RC tank combat IMHO. As
shown with the fighting robots, a really fast skid steered robot will
burn rubber until it reaches ~30 mph and top out at over 40 mph - I'm
not sure there is much extra speed to be had with the single motor

I still really think the single motor drive can work great - methinks it
would be fast, fun to drive, and new/innovative. The reason for
switching drivetrains is simply that my design priorities have changed.
I'd like my tank to be practical and safer to drive around people. 

Hope you or someone else actually completes a single motor drive train.
It would be awesome to see that working. If anyone is interested, I've
got some tank drivetrain (other uses as well) parts to sell. 

- LEM-130 motor - $600 or best offer
- Whyachi/Sevcon 48V, 330A forward/reverse ESC - $350 or best offer
- Curtis 36V, 400A NON-REVERSING ESC - $125 or best offer

I can sell the differential as well - best offer

ACTUAL shipping cost will be added. 



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> "I lost interest in doing the brake and differential type steering"

What/where did the differential come off/from?
Why did you lose interest?
Would you recommend a diff system?
Please advise.I like the idea of a single motor set up.

Neil "welcome back" R

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