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From: sasquevaneach-at-aim.com
Subject: Re: Panzer 38(t) Hetzer, construction of [TANKS [TANKS]
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 04:11:08 -0400
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Sorry Kevin! Yes the drill is great- I see that you simply turned it down. I'd like to see how you're getting on- it's encouraging. What are you building?

Phil "no lathe" Palmer

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From: kevin harden <knh7761-at-yahoo.co.uk>
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Sent: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 7.17pm
Subject: Re: Panzer 38(t) Hetzer, construction of [TANKS]

looks brill , only comment is please the name is kevin, and I'm glad the drill bit's ok keep up the good work
I'm hoping to show off my tracks to all soon and have a running chassis Kev UK

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Subject: Panzer 38(t) Hetzer, construction of [TANKS]

To: Headquarters
From: Radiokontrolliertespaintballpanzerfabrik ,,Phil’s Shed “
Subject: Panzer 38(t) Hetzer, construction of
It is my pleasure to report that construction of the Machine is proceeding apace.  Our loyal and dedicated staff have been working night and… well, night on the suspension and since we have been kindly supplied with a 12mm drill bit (by an anonymous donor known only as Keith Harden) the drills have not stopped (except for sleep, work, the Harry Potter movie, coffee, that sort of thing. Also the drill was getting hot).
Here you can see the Glorious Suspension System:
Soon we shall conquer the world!!!

Agent X (Phil Palmer, Surrey, England) 

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