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From: "Gregory Pwneror" <sockless67-at-gmail.com>
Subject: Re: musings on infantry [TANKS [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 18:19:32 +1200
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also for supplies you could use an rc helicoptor or plane

On 7/9/07, Gregory Pwneror <sockless67-at-gmail.com> wrote:
you could try servos to move them also doing somthing with microcontrollers would be good, maybe somthing like the asimo robot(google it) but even smaller

On 7/5/07, sasquevaneach-at-aim.com < sasquevaneach-at-aim.com> wrote:
The other way to insert infantry (or supplies of paintballs etc) is by air. I'm thinking of a sort of "rail gun" made out of a length of 4 inch or 6 inch drainpipe that fires a supply pod etc. which then deploys a parachute and floats gently to the ground- see picture.
Just a thought:-)

Phil "busy with tank-building really" Palmer

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From: Martin Helsing <martin.helsing-at-earthlink.net>
To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com
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Subject: Re: musings on infantry [TANKS]

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>From: Clark Ward Jr <
>I'm gonna finish the M60 and HMMWV
>before I go nuts with anything else, just musing :)

heh ... me too. The Hummer might have better traction - wider/softer wheels.
Open the back up and cover it with cloth. That will help keep paint off the
cargo ...

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