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From: "Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos" <xchrysk-at-otenet.gr>
Subject: costs [TANKS]
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 08:07:58 +0300
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

I just thought I shoudl release and publicise my budget, now that everything comes together, for everyone to consult. The bottom line is that you can have an all metal lower hull rolling for about 500 Euro , and you can test it and run it with batteries , chargers and RC transmitters from other projects, but if you want it sealed, painted and shooting painballs, teh granttotal goes up to around 1000. 
Someone who had entered the forum was asking what the cost of these vehicels is. I too, had thought that I would have everything together with about 500. STill, 1000  is not awfully lot of money.  If teh project is completed in about a year, then you spend about 30 euros a month, - that's the price of a dinner.
Chrys, what was the bottom line? For some reason I can't access the email attachments in this forum.
I also kept receipts including everything down to the nuts and bolts, and my cost for building a wheeled vehicle, without gun or hull, was over $1,000. That included parts that I did not use in the final design, because the design changed a couple of times. I am not sure I will go further with this for a number of reasons, cost being one.