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Subject: Re: musings on infantry [TANKS [TANKS]
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 15:51:59 -0400
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I like it. How come your stuff always looks more solid than mine?

That would work pretty well I think with alu. instead of wood to reduce weight and friction on the leg/base joint. Those little motors are quite strong, but the weight of batteries slows you down.
I never liked the idea of 2+ soldiers linked together. To me each soldier has to be individual (just  another of the impossible design criteria I set myself).

I know you expected me to laugh but sadly I find myself staring out of the window and redesigning it.

It's all in the power-to-weight ratio. Now, nuclear power...


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Subject: musings on infantry [TANKS]

"see pics first for maximum laughs"
Remembering the word prototype

I was thinking of fixing 3 of these together in a triangle,each holding a one shot 6mm bb paintball pistol,

My girlfrind decided I had to do something more 
useful, like get a job .so I did

Neil " make your own tea " R

> I'm interested to see your photos. Frankly wooden figures are likely to be more robust than actin Man even if stationary.
> One of these days I'll write up my infantry-making experiences. You can build a walking 12" figure, I should think, but it won't go faster than perhaps 1mph or operate on anything rougher than carpet. You can build one with wheels, which gives you a lot more latitude as it won't have to carry its own weight, but building that with some sort of weapon system on board, plus some sort of remote control, plus building something that is sturdy enough to cope with 1/6th tanks (see the "Marlowville" thread) is pretty near impossible. 
> I have considered using clockwork or rubber-band power, as per model aircraft (good power to weight ratio) which would give you a figure which could move under its own power. My latest idea is to make a padded figure with a weight at the bottom which can be thrown by means of a strap attached to its back. This "flingbot" would have a paintball in its base so you could attack a tank by throwing to hit it. Probably not very effective, though there's a chance your opponent will die laughing....
> Phil
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> Sent: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 6.00pm
> Subject: Re: Re: Phils tracks [TANKS]
> Excellent, Do send pics in ,
> you say you have few carpentry skills but the infantry you were building looked 
> fine, as far as you got.
> I thought it was almost impossible to build 12" walking men out of wood.
> I never said at the time but I had a go at it myself , I`ll send you a pic next 
> time , its quite funny.
> Neil R

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