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From: <funkyneroc-at-ntlworld.com>
Subject: musings on infantry [TANKS]
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 19:59:40 +0100
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"see pics first for maximum laughs"
Remembering the word prototype

I was thinking of fixing 3 of these together in a triangle,each holding a one shot 
6mm bb paintball pistol,

My girlfrind decided I had to do something more 
useful, like get a job .so I did

Neil " make your own tea " R

> I'm interested to see your photos. Frankly wooden figures are likely to be more 
>robust than actin Man even if stationary.
> One of these days I'll write up my infantry-making experiences. You can build a 
>walking 12" figure, I should think, but it won't go faster than perhaps 1mph or 
>operate on anything rougher than carpet. You can build one with wheels, which gives 
>you a lot more latitude as it won't have to carry its own weight, but building that 
>with some sort of weapon system on board, plus some sort of remote control, plus 
>building something that is sturdy enough to cope with 1/6th tanks (see the 
>"Marlowville" thread) is pretty near impossible. 
> I have considered using clockwork or rubber-band power, as per model aircraft 
>(good power to weight ratio) which would give you a figure which could move under 
>its own power. My latest idea is to make a padded figure with a weight at the 
>bottom which can be thrown by means of a strap attached to its back. This 
>"flingbot" would have a paintball in its base so you could attack a tank by 
>throwing to hit it. Probably not very effective, though there's a chance your 
>opponent will die laughing....
> Phil
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> Excellent, Do send pics in ,
> you say you have few carpentry skills but the infantry you were building looked 
> fine, as far as you got.
> I thought it was almost impossible to build 12" walking men out of wood.
> I never said at the time but I had a go at it myself , I`ll send you a pic next 
> time , its quite funny.
> Neil R

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