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From: "Henry Verheggen" <henryverheggen-at-earthlink.net>
Subject: RE: Development Runs Rampant in Marlowville [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 10:52:53 -0400
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The massive hedgehog defense works built by "the farmer" reminded me of the summers I spent in Switzerland when I was a wee lad. There were many places where the Swiss had built what I think were called "dragon's teeth" anti-tank defenses. They were very large concrete block-like obstacles arranged in three or more rows, that stretched across the countryside for miles. They were spaced such that any tank trying to crawl over them would get hung up, without the treads being able to get traction. I guess it would have been possible to get past these barriers either by putting a bridge over them or breaking them up with explosives. But that creates a chokepoint for supporting artillery to zero in on.
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From: Sean Q Marlow
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Subject: Development Runs Rampant in Marlowville [TANKS]

Development Runs Rampant in Marlowville

Construction continues in Marlowville, thanks greatly to the financial contributions of Tyng Industries (see Marlow & Son in legal dispute with Tyng Industries).  These extra funds (along with raised town taxes) have helped repair and enlarge the farm village. 

Making its debut only a few years ago a barn was added to the Orion Farm, though lacking many of the useful features such as paint and a roof.  These were resolved last fall, though many repairs were necessary (again due to Tyng Industries).  For The Uprising, the bar was fully repaired and ready to take more abuse.

The intelligent design of 'build to be destroyed' has continued to work better than expected.  Constructed with full knowledge that it would repeatedly be run into, the barn was engineered with several weak links that were to break, preventing damage on the larger structure.  Time and time again this has worked perfectly, causing either nylon Zip Tie to break, or a small screw-eye to be pulled from the barn before anything could be damaged.  This proven method was used again for the construction of the Farm House. 

Realizing that the farmer could no longer live in the barn with his animals and equipment, he decided to build himself a house.  Though, due to a late and long planting season, he was not able to finish the roof (notice a trend?).  While not a mansion, this modest sized house provides plenty of room for the farmer (and stored tools by the Engineering Battalion while in battle) and room to grow as his family is sure to expand.  We can only hope that he will have a roof in the near future.

After noticing the mass destruction and continual assaults on his estate and on Marlowville, the farmer saw only one option: to increase his defenses.  Over the winter off-season, during the nights when he could no longer continue construction on his new house, he built an army of Czech Hedgehogs.  After great success of the few he had thrown together at the previous fall's attack, the farmer appeared this year with a whopping 38 hedgehogs.  When asked what happened he replied, "I guess that's what happens when you leave them alone over the cold winter!" 

The hedgehogs proved to be yet again a formidable opponent for the tanks and helped protect the city (once the proper usage was figured out).  Most tanks avoided them at all costs respecting the (larger than scale) defenses; however, one always has to show off (guess who).  Once again, Tyng Industries (apparently by accident) decided to engage in battle with a hedgehog.  Neither suffered serious damage, though the Cromwell was able to use one of the beams as a ramp to get airborne, only to land in the center of a hedgehog circle.  When trying to exit by ramming into one of the defenses, he was promptly stopped and was forced to seek an alternative route out.  When asked to comment on the continued construction of such defenses the farmer said, "Well, I've got other jobs that I should be focusing on now.  My village is safe enough for me.  However, don't let me discourage any other villagers from bringing out their own defenses, be they hedgehogs or other."

What does the future hold for Marlowville?  That is uncertain.  There are talks of another house for the Orion Farm.  But, as more villagers move in, some more 'towny' structures might become necessary.  Don't be surprised if a town hall, church, post office, school, or various stores appear next.

Sean "I'm not just an engineer, I'm also the Mayor" Marlow