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From: "Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos" <xchrysk-at-otenet.gr>
Subject: Cross and full skids [TANKS]
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 09:12:26 +0300
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

For now, my tankette only does half skids, with one motor on and teh other off. , I am operating my tank with two switches and doing half skids for months now. These switches are good for 220 Volts and they already run my tankette no problem.
 I wouldn't like half skids -with only one track running at a time- for a heavier tank. Heavy is supposedly over 25-30 kg. Plywood hulls might warp. The resistance and friction on one track, and therefore on one side of the hull is quite significant, but I guess you already know that.

Attached is my improvised system from 4 switches, from now on patented as CHrys's Cross(!!!!!) It theoretically, works full 360 skids with one speed control only.
I am using four switches for lamps that go through either end of teh cable. They have these sloping parts for on/off.  The golden cross is rotated from a servo. In this position (red), both motors are on and running. When the golden part is rotated, one  motor is switched off. And vice versa.  The speed control does the acceleration on the other channel.
In jpeg2, both the L and R motors are on.  Tank moves forward. The switches above and below are wired for reverse motor rotation respectively (reverse polarity). The upper and lower arms of the cross are in the off position of the switches.
In jpeg 3: When the servo rotates the cross CCW, the right motor is switched off with the right arm of the cross. The Left motor is on as forward .  The lower arm is past the off position of the switch. The upper arm of teh cross turns on the Right motor to reverse. Concluding, Left is on as forward, Right motor is on as reverse. Full, 360 skid.! 
I am thinking of arranging the switches and the length of the crosses arms so that depending on teh degree of rotation, I can have: 1. Right motor on - Left on (forward), 2. Right on -Left off, (half skid) 3. Right on - Left reverse (full 360 skid).
Can't reverse both motors, but that's OK for 2 euros worth, one speed control and a home made system ! An ignorant's  improvisation.  
There is one disadvantage to the system: If I reverse the polarity I will fry my 36 V- 100 Amph speed control. It is good for one way - polarity only.  I am thinking of connecting the El. speed control between the battery and the "Cross", as: Battery - speed control - Cross - motors. 
Will that work for the ESC?
Any feedback is welcome.  I hope I am not doing a mistake somewhere!