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From: "Derek Engelhaupt" <tankme-at-gmail.com>
Subject: Re: motors [TANKS]
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 19:52:23 -0600
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

I have that exact chain that I am trying out on my ASU-85.  It looks workable, but I have yet to be able to put a full load on the tracks to see how they perform.  I have cut the center tabs off of mine with a side-cutters so those tabs in the middle are now non-existant in my installation.  Took awhile to cut them all off and got a nice blister in the process (weak computer geek hands).  No offense to any computer geeks out there or individuals aspiring to become computer geeks.  In my mind, computer geeks are a noble group of people.  One note, the track is not of the straight running variety and for that reason I am using sprockets on both ends of the track to keep it from coming off of the idler.  I'm sure a regular non-sproketed idler would also be workable, but that's just not the route I decided to pursue.  I also had to make quite a wide alignment groove in my wheels (about 1") for the chain to run through.  The tracks are quite light due to the use of acetal for the tabletop area, but probably not as light at the TTS system.  They would be lighter that using the 2060 attachment chain.  I think if you bolt more material to them in order to widen them it will increase the weight of the tracks significantly.  Without having my suspension totally complete I am dealing with track droop since my design has no top rollers to hold the track up.  That problem will more than likely be solved by increasing the tension of the very first and very last road wheels on the tank.  I think that will keep the droop to a minimum and allow the track to run smoothly.  Not having much time to work on the tank and the increasingly frigid weather here in MN (no heat in my garage) has kept me from completing the left side suspension and motor mounting otherwise I could begin some field testing of the system.  BTW, tank T048 made by Paul Ratajczak is using this same type of chain, but it looks like he has no suspension on his tank unlike me.  I decided to go with these tracks because of the price and simplicity of installation.  All in all I paid $40 for the tracks and I'm using about $10 worth of sprocket to drive them.  Fifty dollars is well worth the price of admission if it saves me track building time.
Derek (no computer geeks were harmed in the writing of this Email) Engelhaupt

On 1/20/07, OdysseySlipways-at-aol.com <OdysseySlipways-at-aol.com> wrote:
I'm tempted to get one of them chain units just to check it out - can't beat the price
Odyssey Slipways