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From: Curt Benson <cbenson-at-fablab.net>
Subject: Re: Thank You Frank! [TANKS]
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 07:57:32 -0600
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Here's a page from Vex's site with more crystals.   I believe you can  
use the servo outputs on the receiver to interface with other speed  
controllers which would make them useable for tanks.  (I haven't  
tried it myself.)  I think you'd just have to hack their cables a bit.

I built one of their starter kits and was very impressed, especially  
with the radio.  Radio Shack sold these kits but closed them out last  
year because of poor sales.  The kits are still available and should  
remain available.  They are great learning tools and are used in  
schools.  I think the problem was that the $300 starter kit couldn't  
do much.  You had to add a programming module and other accessories  
to really do anything.  To really get full value, you'd probably need  
to spend $600.  (Luckily I got my stuff for half price at the close  
out sale.)  You might consider googling Mythbusters and Vex Kits to  
see if you can find a review the Mythbusters did for Robot Magazine  
of the Vex System.


Curt Benson

On Jan 4, 2007, at 9:13 PM, Frank Pittelli wrote:

> Robert Currie wrote:
>> Door lock Actuator CAT#DLA-1 $5.50 Each!
> Decent price for an actuator, but we've bought them for as little  
> as $3.50 from other places.
>> 6 Channel Transmitter and receiver CAT#JS-6 $29.95 Each!!!!!
> Nice price for a transmitter/receiver, but I'm not sure if it will  
> operate servos directly.  According to the minimal specs at
> http://www.vexlabs.com/vex-robotics-transmitter-receiver-add-on- 
> kit.shtml
> it has an RJ-10 cable that connects the receiver to a "Vex Micro  
> Controller", which is probably used to operate the servos.  If we  
> can find some specifications for that cable, we can probably modify  
> the C6C to support that receiver as an input device.  It's probably  
> a fairly simple serial protocol.  But, according to the answers  
> from the Vex engineers posted on that site the details are  
> "proprietary" which means that they won't be very helpful.  Maybe  
> that's why they have to dump their products well below retail value  
> on the surplus market!!!
> Also, it only has crystals for channel 89, so even with a solution  
> to the protocol problem, a source for alternative channels is needed.
>       Frank P.