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From: Loren Bellinger <Hauptmann6-at-cfsipgames.com>
Subject: Re: Tiger question? [TANKS]
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 09:11:16 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Impressive to say the least-at-!

burn995-at-aol.com wrote:
> As far as the materials on my tank, well. The main body and turret are 
> 1/4 luan plywood coated with resin. The top deck, the floor of the 
> turret, the bottom ring of the copala, the escape hatch, front mantle 
> and some of the main gun are made from 1/4 MDF solid comp. board. Made 
> out of aluminum is the gunners hatch and hinges the copula ring, 
> periscopes and copula hatch and arm. Also the turret fan cover. You 
> simulate welds with thick metal set (3M product) and a syring. Do a 
> small weld swirl when you put it down. After its primed it looks just 
> like the real thing. Also made of alum. The tow points front and back, 
> and the aft axle adjusters. I'm now working on the road gear. The road 
> arms are 1/2 in. rolled steel shaft coming out to the arm which is 3/8 
> 5051 alum. The shafts are secured into the arms with set screws. The 
> Road wheel axles are going to be 1/4 in. lag bolts. The bolts screw into 
> the arm and are held with set screws also. I just today picked up 16 
> skate board whe! el bearings for the road wheels. Now the road wheels 
> are going to be a good project in themselves. I'm going with the early 
> version, simpler to make and duplicate. First I'll turn a master on the 
> lathe them make a fiberglass mold from it. Then cast all my road wheels 
> from it. Hope it holds up. Sorry for going on and on. If your interested 
> in and more details let me know.
> You can close the hatch and turn the wheel to lock it .Milled out on a 
> brideport during my lunch brake.
> The gear bin doors and hinges are alum.also.   2024T3