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From: "Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos" <xchrysk-at-otenet.gr>
Subject: Fw: weight ++ [TANKS]
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 09:03:37 +0300
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I was doing these calculations for a reason. My aluminium and steel tank is only 53 cms long and weighs now 20 kgrs, or 44 lbs. If my tank were 100 cms long the weight would have been 8 times that much, or 160 kgrs = 350 lbs !  Theoretically....
I had noticed that Joe Sommer was initially running his 30 Kgr heavy Hetzer with two 12 V drills, so I thought that in my tank two 18 Volt drills would be sufficient. They are, indeed. The torque of the drills is more than tripled and the speed is great. STill, cannot do stunts like George Mastoras'  flying tank does- mainly because I don't know how to land it! Will it crash?
> IMO 1/4" or 8mm shafting is to thin for use in these models. 
Aahz, I am using 8 mm thick shafts, but my tank is half the size of the tanks used in the hobby. In scale 1:6, it would qualify for a Universal Bren Carrier. One really needs axles 1/2" for a serious tank.
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Subject: weight +

Funny. the other day I was working calculations on the same matter.
I wanted to figure out if the weight of, say, 100 lb. is "real" in scale 1:6.
Well, we know that when the scale is doubled, the volume, and therefore the weight is multiplied 8 times. (materials won't matter in the calculations; the weight of steel in a real tank supposedly averages light plywood and heavy lead of batteries )
So a tank in the hobby, in scale 1:6 weighs  100 lbs.
in scale 1:3 it should weigh 100 x 8 = 800 lbs.
In scale 1:1.5,  800 x 8 = 6,400 lbs.
And in actual size  1:1  a plywood tank with large batteries should weigh 6,400 x 3.37 = 21,568 lbs. or about 10,000 kgrs, if you will.
That would be rougly half the weight of a real Tiger tank??
As little or as much as you like.  I would say most are in the 75-100lb. range.  Some are more though.


"Aahz." <ErickKilmer-at-comcast.net> wrote:
On average what are the maximum and minimum weight of tanks
currently operational in this hobby?