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From: "Carioti, John" <john.carioti-at-sensis.com>
Subject: RE: SPAM?!?!?! [TANKS]
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 10:45:12 -0400
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Has anyone considered using the Delphi Forums for the RC Tank Combat discussions?  Using Delphi would eliminate this Spam sort of thing from happening because no emails are shown at any time during the posts.
While it isn't perfect, it has a very slick interface that allows topics to be customized and grouped (e.g. mechanical, electrical, events, treads, etc) That way if you are interested in a particular topic, it is very easy to look for information that pertains to that specific area. And you can post pictures directly to the group.
The Robot Combat guys have 5 or 6 groups on there, and there is a lot of great information that is easy to get at.  Or- it is very easy to ignore areas that you have no interest in. 
The forum is free and it is easy to set up.  Each forum can choose several moderators who can delete off topic posts, move posts to the correct area, etc.  There is also a search function that works pretty good- but it only allows searching back 3 months (or something like that).  Maybe you could keep the archives on the rctankcombat site and migrate the new stuff to Delphi.
I'm new here, so maybe this has been discussed before- sorry if it's something you've already talked about!
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yep looks like we all got one, it even popped up in another site I'm with as well, so like you all said ignore and maybe she will go away,  kev uk