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From: "Kevin" <ka1201-at-houston.rr.com>
Subject: RE: New member - Deciding what to build [TANKS]
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 07:58:51 -0500
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I could swear I’ve see these motors on ebay for much cheaper.  I’m thinking they started at around $10 and when some of the auctions finished they where at $25.  $100 a motor is too much I think.  This hobby is kinda a DIY thing.  There aren’t a lot of kits and instructions that say this will work with this and has been tested.  That being the case I’d rather not test and possibly kill a motor I paid $100 for.  You might consider that unless money is no object for you.


The other thing is that to get 36v into these motors to get them to perform as rated you’ll need lots of batteries.  It’s possible you could under-volt them and they’ll still work but they’ll always run like they are on a low battery and lug around.  Steve notice that when he ran his EV-W at 24v instead of 12v he actually seemed to get more run time and I think he attributed this to the fact that the motor was at stall less often because of the added torque to get it going.  I imagine that the 36v motor powered by 24v even will lug and lack for torque and so will be at stall state too long at each start and can hurt your batteries and associated systems.  If you do plan on stacking 36v of batteries in your tank then ignore all of this and place your worries on ESCs (if you plan to do proportional control) that can handle the voltage and what obscene dollar amount they are going to cost.



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Subject: New member - Deciding what to build [TANKS]




I am new to the RC Tank Hobby, but not new to playing paintball.  I am trying to decide on what to build (probably a Tiger 1.)  I did have a question about motors. I noticed that the EV Warrior is very popular but seems to be discontinued.  In searching the web I found a cool site with Electric scooter parts. I need a recommendation about a motor I found.  They have various motors at different prices. 


Correct me if I am wrong, this motor rates at .800 Milli-Tyng's  



Rad2Go® 36 Volt 800 Watt permanent-magnet electric scooter motor. 13 tooth sprocket for #25 chain. 15" length power leads. Powerful four(4) brush motor design. 100% ball bearing construction. Reversible. Dimensions: 4-1/8" W x 5-1/2" L, not including shaft. 4-1/8" W x 6-1/8" L including shaft. Weight 9.6 lbs. These are genuine Rad2Go OEM motors for the 22mph model E36 Great White electric scooter.  They sell for about $100.00 each
item # MOT-36800


36V 800W
for chain drive scooters



Any thoughts?


Thanks -  Happy Tanking


Rob Snyder

Northern Virginia