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From: "Toast" <toast-at-shadowsofchange.com>
Subject: RE: Joe Sommer/Anvilus [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 11:30:54 -0500
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Hey, I hope I'm not coming off as condescending.  I've looked over all the
tanks posted on the page and I have to say that the rc tank combat community
is an innovative bunch and you guys have come up with ideas that I wouldn't
have.  You, specifically you Mr. Tyng, have pushed the sport a great deal.
I'm a new guy around here with no tank and no experience building one at
this point.  I know that I can learn a lot from you, Joe, Frank, and several
of the other guys around.  I don't have the most money in the world and I
really can't afford to drop near $300 bucks buying one component.  I'd
really rather build it myself and in the end if I burn up some parts it
costs me $300 to build then I'll still have come out ahead from the working
knowledge of the components involved.

I keep posting and I've noticed now how long this Joe Sommer/Anvilus thread
has gotten and most of it is on my account.  I don't mean to be
argumentative in any way and I think I've gotten all my questions answered
except to find out whether Joe is keen on helping my with one of his PIC's.
Joe holds the magical component I can't come up with myself.

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Good luck.


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> I would but I really don't feel like don't feel like paying 
> $275 for the RS80D when it isn't even rated to the specs I'm 
> trying to reach (90 to 100 amps).  
> I'm not an engineer.  I do however have college training on 
> electronics and received an AAS in Electronics Technology.  I 
> know that I don't know everything, but the only part of Joe's 
> design that I do not fully and completely understand the 
> workings of is the PIC and that is because my training in 
> electronics was mostly analog circuits and some 
> communications circuits.  His design is meant to control 
> electric motors and that's all I'm attempting to do, I just 
> need beefier relays than what he uses on the kit he sells.  
> If I could get the programmed PIC, a diagram of it's pin out 
> and some simple instructions on handling it (ie. What not to 
> do with it.) then I bet I could wire this up pretty easily.  
> Curiosity has me wondering what type of signal the PIC is 
> decoding and if it could be done in discrete analog 
> components that I'm much more familiar with.