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From: "Toast" <toast-at-shadowsofchange.com>
Subject: RE: Joe Sommer/Anvilus [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:04:16 -0500
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I would but I really don't feel like don't feel like paying $275 for the
RS80D when it isn't even rated to the specs I'm trying to reach (90 to 100

I'm not an engineer.  I do however have college training on electronics and
received an AAS in Electronics Technology.  I know that I don't know
everything, but the only part of Joe's design that I do not fully and
completely understand the workings of is the PIC and that is because my
training in electronics was mostly analog circuits and some communications
circuits.  His design is meant to control electric motors and that's all I'm
attempting to do, I just need beefier relays than what he uses on the kit he
sells.  If I could get the programmed PIC, a diagram of it's pin out and
some simple instructions on handling it (ie. What not to do with it.) then I
bet I could wire this up pretty easily.  Curiosity has me wondering what
type of signal the PIC is decoding and if it could be done in discrete
analog components that I'm much more familiar with.

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Before you start modifying one of Joe's controllers to do something it
wasn't designed for.  You should REALLY consider a commercial grade
controller like the RS80D.  I know from experience.  I tried to do
something just like your describing and through a stupid mistake ended
up frying the electronics and two SSR's in the process.  You only get
one chance with high current circuits.


Steve Tyng

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> Subject: RE: Joe Sommer/Anvilus [TANKS]
> Any comments on this from Joe?  If I could get the PIC on a 
> PCB with heavy connectors for offboard SSRs instead of the 4 
> onboard SSRs that would be great.  If it's too much to ask, 
> then maybe just the PIC and I'll use mount it all myself.  
> And ...what about price?  It should be cheaper than the $100 
> dollar mark because if I remember right the SSRs where a lot 
> of the manufacturing cost.  I'm tempted to email Joe directly 
> instead of here to ask these questions.