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From: Vern Dernberger <vern.dernberger-at-tns.org>
Subject: North Atlantic Treaty [TANKS]
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 19:33:18 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

April 9, 2006
Annapolis, MD.

Representatives of the powerful Maryland Attack Group (MAG) met today 
with an envoy from The Netherlands Tankers (TNT) to discuss issues of 
shared importance.  The European envoy, known only as "WJ", was greeted 
as a VIP and was given a private tour of the super-secret Tri-Pact 
Research and Development labs.  WJ not only got to see an array of tank 
technology, but was also given access to some of the powerful warship 
technology that made Tri-Pact famous.

Before his departure, WJ was provided with a supply of high-amp 
connectors that are the standard power connector for all Tri-Pact 
vehicles.  Experts believe that this indicates that TNT will be 
retro-fitting their vehicles to interoperate with MAG vehicles and 
batteries.  WJ was also given a collection of highly classified battle 
video that is used primarily for MAG training exercises. WJ departed 
soon after the Heineken was gone.

Although the exact details of the visit are still unclear, it is widely 
believed that MAG and TNT have agreed to join forces.  Along with the 
existing pact between MAG and the Vegas Alliance, this represents a 
formidable 3-way alliance that spans 8 time zones.  Experts agree that 
this could be a calculated response to the wave of Canadian activity on 
MAG's northern borders.  If war breaks out between the Northern 
Barbarians and MAG, critical access to Canadian beer could be disrupted 
causing shortages and panic in the US.  But, with the Dutch as allies, 
MAG can now import sufficient supplies of Danish beer to offset any 
Canadian shortage.  Such so-called "Beer-For-Technology" treaties are a 
common weapon in MAG's diplomatic arsenal and we will continue to 
monitor their effectivness.