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From: "Pete Curran" <petesboyz-at-Punkass.com>
Subject: RE: I need help reconfiguring a servo for my tank. [TANKS]
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 17:38:19 +1000
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Further to my last here is a H bridge circuit for motor control
input 1 and 2 are the outputs for the motor off the servo control board
with a bit of knowledge it should be scaleable up for more power (Tim the toolman Taylor steps)
Pete C.
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Subject: I need help reconfiguring a servo for my tank. [TANKS]

I need help reconfiguring a servo for my tank.  I was wondering if anyone knows how to take the electronic guts from the servo to control a 12 volt motor.  I messed around with MOSFETs on a breadboard but they didn't work.  I plan on gearing the motor so that it controls the potentiometer on the servo guts as well as the turret ring like a drum winch servo for sailing.  I have already desoldered the 4.5 volt servo motor.