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Subject: RE: Car Starters [TANKS]
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 13:17:49 -0600
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950 watts and you get an hour.  I’m guessing I am thinking about it wrong then.  I’m guessing if we ran your tank flat out till it ran dead then the calculation I made might be closer.  The motors nor the batteries, no part of the electronics system would be happy about that though I suspect.


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Kevin wrote:


I’ve heard/read somewhere that the average automotive starter requires 30 or 40 amps just to get it moving.


Maybe that's the amp draw to get the car engine turning over.  It also may include the amps used by the solenoid which would be removed in a conversion.


>  At this point I’m wondering if the 900 watt rating means that even if they work, I’ll be drawing so much power that my batteries will only last 5 minutes. 


The EVW's in my Cromwell are rated at 950 watts (they are wired for 24v).  I easily get an hours battle time from two 18AH batteries wired in series.




Steve Tyng