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From: "Bruder, John R LTC USA NORAD USNORTHCOM HQs J2" <John.Bruder-at-northcom.mil>
Subject: RE: Tyng Industries Announces New Entry Level Tank Kit [TANKS]
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 07:11:13 -0700
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Super.   Can't wait to see how it will look.  What are its dimensions?

Keep up the great work!


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Subject: Tyng Industries Announces New Entry Level Tank Kit [TANKS]



Date: December 29, 2005

Tyng Industries Announces New Entry Level Tank Kit

Location: St. Charles, Maryland



In a move to stem the growing tide of cheap foreign competition from Ohio,
Tyng Industries (TI) announced today a new entry level R/C Combat Tank
Destroyer kit. The new kit, part of the new Panther Line, will be based on
the German WWII JagDPanther tank destroyer. This new offering from TI will
provide a low cost option for entry into the R/C Tank Combat arena. In
addition to the JagDPanther kit the Panther Line will include an upgrade path
for the tank destroyer in the form of a turret kit that will convert the
JagDPanther to a full blown turreted Panther tank. In addition, the Panther
turret kit will be offered as a standalone item for those artillery
enthusiasts who wish to model the fixed emplacement "Panther Bunkers" so
successfully used by the Axis powers during WWII.


When asked about this abrupt change of direction from their planned
introductory Tiger1 kit, Steve Tyng, CEO of TI stated "were still planning on
the Tiger1 but decided to shift production priorities around to better
position TI in the market place", Tyng continues, "The switch from Tiger to
Panther is technically not much of a challenge. The basic chassis design is
almost identical for the two designs and that's where most of our development
work has gone so far." When asked the reasoning for picking the JagDPanther
as the basis for the new kit Tyng states, "This was a no brainer. The
JagDPanther is based on the very successful Panther weapon system and its
proven modularity appealed to us for obvious reasons. The new Panther Line
will allow TI to offer a comprehensive selection of choices for the R/C Tank
Combat enthusiast with minimal lead time for us. We expect to have the
JagDPanther prototype on display at the spring Danville event in 06."


When asked about the similarity of the Klosterman design to the now legendary
Tyng T34, Tyng remarked, "Yes, I noticed that right away. I know they've been
working on their Leopard program for a while but I guess that was going
nowhere. Apparently their Board decided enough was enough and told Klosterman
to get something on the market as soon as possible. I guess the possible
"borrowing" of older Tyng tech is helping them do that." Tyng concludes,
"Anyway, it's a wide open market and TI looks forward to the competition.
Besides, when our new automated productions facilities come on line shortly,
we'll leave these upstarts in the dust!"


Tyng Industries is a leading developer and manufacturer of next generation
R/C Tank Combat equipment and systems. Tyng Industries is the major sponsor
of Team Tyng, the reining points champion in R/C Tank Combat.




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statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws. Investors are
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