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From: "flier" <flier-at-sbcglobal.net>
Subject: RE: Stuart [TANKS]
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 19:03:04 -0600
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They take hits fine Marc.  They're made of ABS plastic which is easily
repaired anyway.  Little bit of MEK makes a great adhesive.  There are a
couple of sources now for track & suspension repair parts as well as parts
on eBay.  Just remove the tools off the back before you battle!



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Thanks Joe, I thought a hit would definately cause damage to the tank but I
can rest assured now that there might be a paintball career for my Stuart.


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> Marc,
> At 02:24 PM 1/1/2006 +0100, "Marc en Wendy" <marcmethorst-at-zonnet.nl>
> wrote:
>>Has anyone ever fired a .68 paintball round from point blank range at the
>>Stuart? I'm curious to know what the damage would be. I bought one myself
>>last week but don't like to try it myself :-)
> Karl Klusewitz allowed us to use his Stuart for target practice
> at the Bon Voyage battle.  Photos are available at
> http://www.rctankcombat.com/battle-reports/BonVoyage/
> http://www.rctankcombat.com/battle-reports/BonVoyage/Battle2/
> The Stuart survived numerous hits from various tanks including
> the Hetzer as shown in gun camera footage at
> http://www.rctankcombat.com/video/BonVoyage/HetzerGunCamLR.mpg
> http://www.rctankcombat.com/video/BonVoyage/HetzerGunCamSR.mpg
> Joe
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