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From: "Alex" <alex.patterson-at-exemail.com.au>
Subject: Re: Radio woes [TANKS]
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 21:37:16 +1000
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On the same subject 


mad buggers wanting to destroy what they build


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Subject: Radio woes [TANKS]

> Tonight I put a search into google for "model combat" and came acroos 
> this site among others http://www.swampworks.com/ . These model warships 
> shoot BB pellets at each other to SINK their opponent. "I have a vision" 
> I'd like to see someday an RC battlefild where warships ,tanks, armoured 
> everything and even aircraft..the whole shebang battle it out. They'll 
> have onbard video link back to their respective controllers and a 
> broardband data link to control and send valuble data back and forth to 
> keep in touch with their vehicle. Maybe someday (please ,please ,please 
> ,please....!!) a company will produce an embedded 802.11g network 
> interface for low cost uC's (AVR's PICs etc) so all this could be 
> possible. Any electronics  engineers out there pretty please think about 
> it. I'm sick of all this low bandwidth stuff, it doesn't fill my needs 
> at all. I'm trying to design a custom radio control system for my tank 
> with AVR's but the real problem is finding a suitable method of 
> communicating via RF, it could be done .....but that would be a tad 
> illeagal (using TV transmitter receiver pairs for a data link).
> Well just a thought.