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From: "Pete Curran" <petesboyz-at-Punkass.com>
Subject: RE: Drive sprocket cutting jig [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 21:30:18 +1000
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Looks like your weekend was well spent,
I have finally gotten myself a table saw, ryobi for bunnings, and a alloy cutting blade
I also brought a MIG welder on ebay, 175 amp ($700 aussie),
I will soon be cutting and welding my sherman into existance.
Pete (starting soon) Curran
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Subject: Drive sprocket cutting jig [TANKS]

Hi all,
      I just finished building a jig to cut out sprockets and thought I 
would share with the group. Pic 1, it is made out of mdf because thats what 
I had and it's cheap. First you make a wheel blank, then you insert it into 
the jig, then you clamp it with the small screw. Next you run the router 
across the top using a 3/8" bit which cuts a grove (pic 2 the fence is not 
on the jig yet as I don't have my router) Then you remove the screw and 
rotate the wheel 180 degrees so the grove that was just cut lines up with 
the hole at the bottom insert a dowel, run the router across again then 
rotate the wheel 30 degrees so the first grove lines up with the next hole, 
insert a dowel run the router across again and repeat until your done. Pic 3 
shows the wood that will be removed. After all this you sand the wood 
between the gaps flat and insert the teeth (3/8 plywood) then your done.

Chris"over it"Barthelson

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