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From: "Darren Baker" <hobbydarren-at-hotmail.com>
Subject: RE: "Flame Thrower" :) [TANKS]
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 22:01:17 -0600
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

I love the idea but not on my property

Darren :)

>From: Ben Kropp <Ben.Kropp-at-canberra.edu.au>
>Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com
>To: RC Tank <tanks-at-rctankcombat.com>
>Subject: "Flame Thrower"  :) [TANKS]
>Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 12:36:03 +1000
>Hi All,
>Has anybody given thought to the idea of those tanks fitted with "Flame 
>Throwers" ? I was wondering how and if feasible it would be to maybe have 
>an off shoot of the rules....  Would not be hard to manufacture.. A can of 
>spray paint or a small pump up water pistol with paint wold even work...
>Any thoughts people...
>Ben "Scheming" Kropp