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From: Frank Pittelli <frank-at-rctankcombat.com>
Subject: Re: T001's new turret? [TANKS]
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 11:20:17 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

chris barthelson wrote:
> Frank,
> Have you got photos of the new turret on the tank, or are you waiting for 
> battle photos to show it off???

It's not back on the tank yet ... still being painted.  Hope to have 
everything completed and back on the tank this weekend.

> Why didn't you just have the turret lift off 
> completely, as opposed to just tilting forward???

Because then you need some way to keep it fastened in place, lest it pop 
off during the battle.   And, when something is taken off and placed 
next to the tank, there is a strong likelihood that you or someone else 
will come along and step on it, run it over, lose it, etc.  Basically, I 
like everything tied to the tank.

> That mount looks real complex, does your cupola open so you can reload???

Not really that hard. Started with the base and vertical supports. 
Threw out the first version because the angle was wrong and started 
over.  Redesigned the hinge part, added some feet, then welded on some 
arms to hold the mantel frame.  Then, added a couple of rods to hold the 
marker.  Got the bracket wrong.  Grinded off some pieces and moved them 
to avoid hitting the bolt on the marker.  Added some brackets to hold 
the springs.  Then realized the springs were interfering with the lid 
swinging forward.  Re-drilled some holes and grinded off some corners, 
so that everything fit and flipped properly.  Welded on a couple more 
rods for the elevate arm and spent a couple of hours playing "which way 
should this face".

Basically a piece of cake :-)

        Frank "Always Harder Than You Think Before You Start" Pittelli