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From: "Pete Curran" <petesboyz-at-Punkass.com>
Subject: RE: Bad news: The Gathering [TANKS]
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 16:34:32 +1000
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Currently in Australia its about $1.20 oz for a litre, so times it by 4 to
get an approx gallon and then say OUCH!

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Subject: Re: Bad news: The Gathering [TANKS]

Three bucks a gallon... how about over 4 dollars....  that hurts..
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Subject: Bad news: The Gathering [TANKS]

> Sorry guys, but with gas going over 3 bucks a gallon I don't think 
> I'll be
> able to make it this year.  Really unexpected, sorry guys.  Hopefully I'll

> be a little better prepared next year.