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From: Grant Mahalek <gmahalek-at-shaw.ca>
Subject: Re: First bench test of MK2 TTS [TANKS]
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 05:58:29 -0600
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Tx,  1/2" may be OK then!

Very interesting.....really!  Just respect your table-saw!!

Grant "Al ten fingers here" Mahalek
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From: "Steve Tyng" <STyng-at-acptrust.com>
To: <tanks-at-rctankcombat.com>
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2005 11:50 AM
Subject: RE: First bench test of MK2 TTS [TANKS]

> Grant wrote:
>> I'am going to be using 1/2" hardened steel shaft for my drive 
>> and idler axles....what are you using?.....a while back Steve 
>> Tyng recommended 5/8" if memory serves.....
> I've only used 1/2" hardened steel in the T34 and the Cromwell.  Works
> great.
>> I cut a 5/8" wide by 5/8" deep groove down the 
>> middle of the wheels to capture the centering key of each 
>> inside track on the TTS using my table-saw....what a hooot 
>> that was.
> That must have been interesting.
>   Steve "Nine and a Half Fingers" Tyng