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From: Rick v100 <rickv100-at-yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: West Virgina Sherman At One Month [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 05:19:48 -0700 (PDT)
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Anyone looked at using the PL brand construction
adhesive for track building? It's a Polyethelene glue
and the boat builders are using it with good success. 


--- Bart Salmons <shayguru-at-charter.net> wrote:

> Message
> Wow funny thing again......
> I'm using the 350 watt 2750 rpm version of the
> MY1016 and going with the No25 chain fer just that
> reason.  I can see the chain stretching, sholdn;t be
> under enoght stress to stretch.  Remeber this is
> apositive traction drive where the teeth engage the
> chain..and if designedproperly shouldn;t come
> offofflap around needing a tensioner.
> YIKES man!   Where are you getting your stuff? 
> Ifigger about $50 worth of sprocket, how much chain
> deends on how big a sproket (I'm using 11 tooth and
> 36 tooth) but I'm hoping to use 12" per reduction.  
> Yes I have to get the breaker too and extra pins,
> then learn how to use 'em....hehehe  (Shopping at
> McMaster Carr incidentally)
> Guess we're boldly going where everyone else has
> gone before (why do I hear snickering?)   First one
> to snap a 25 chain wins.  One thing that is an
> ABSOLUTE must is to make a positve holding jig to
> hold the track links while you glue and brad nail
> them in place, this is particularly important when
> doing the splice   
> If you dont; have one go get at least an electric
> brad nailer.  I got mine from SEARS fer $50, I love
> it.  Also I reccomend the "LAWN AMD GARDEN" variety
> of GOOP adhisive if you can find it.   Specially
> formulated for out door activities such as ours.
> Give yourself an extra inch on your tension device
> if you can, can;t have too much room to play!
> Just what I'm thinkin this morning!
> Bart Salmons (BSC)
> Slammer 6