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From: "Bart Salmons" <shayguru-at-charter.net>
Subject: Re: West Virgina Sherman At One Month [TANKS]
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 08:10:43 -0400
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Wow funny thing again......
I'm using the 350 watt 2750 rpm version of the MY1016 and going with the No25 chain fer just that reason.  I can see the chain stretching, sholdn;t be under enoght stress to stretch.  Remeber this is apositive traction drive where the teeth engage the chain..and if designedproperly shouldn;t come offofflap around needing a tensioner.
YIKES man!   Where are you getting your stuff?  Ifigger about $50 worth of sprocket, how much chain deends on how big a sproket (I'm using 11 tooth and 36 tooth) but I'm hoping to use 12" per reduction.   Yes I have to get the breaker too and extra pins, then learn how to use 'em....hehehe  (Shopping at McMaster Carr incidentally)
Guess we're boldly going where everyone else has gone before (why do I hear snickering?)   First one to snap a 25 chain wins.  One thing that is an ABSOLUTE must is to make a positve holding jig to hold the track links while you glue and brad nail them in place, this is particularly important when doing the splice  
If you dont; have one go get at least an electric brad nailer.  I got mine from SEARS fer $50, I love it.  Also I reccomend the "LAWN AMD GARDEN" variety of GOOP adhisive if you can find it.   Specially formulated for out door activities such as ours.
Give yourself an extra inch on your tension device if you can, can;t have too much room to play!
Just what I'm thinkin this morning!
Bart Salmons (BSC)
Slammer 6