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From: Robert Currie <rctanksrcool-at-yahoo.ca>
Subject: RE: What's up? [TANKS]
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 21:45:45 -0400 (EDT)
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Great Thanks again JOHN  I think a 9oz will work for me 
Does everyone have to open up there Tank to refill? Is there a way to have easy access to refill? one way check valve with a quick connect ? maybe disguised as part of the tank hull? I'm not sure I'm new to the paint ball part just an idea seems like a pain to tear down your Tank every time you need to refill or charge up batteries  I noticed that Will has a ball feeder in one of his Tanks
How is that working out in battle? less chance of ball getting stuck on there way to the gun?

JOHN PITTELLI <jplily-at-yahoo.com> wrote:

--- Robert Currie wrote:
> Oh cool thank's steve was not sure about the
> anti-siphon tank eather
> Can I ask what size Co2 tank most widely used and
> what are the dimensions? >
> do we need a gauge? and a shut off valve ?Thanks
> again
Robert, Most vehicles are currently using either 4oz
or 9oz bottles. On/off valves work very well. I highly
recommend adding one to your bottle.The size of the
bottle mostly depends upon your available space inside
the tank. My Mark IV, the T-34 and Will's Panther use
the 4oz. Frank's Tiger, Joe's Hetzer, Paul's KV1 and
Will's SU all use 9oz since they have enough room.
My newest vehicle, which debuts this fall , can hold a
12oz bottle. That's right ,I'm tired of refitting the
bottles during battle. The stats on the new bottle are
: length with on/off valve 11", diameter 2.5". Add
another 1.5" to the length for the line coupler.


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