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From: "Tim Hansen" <barspin720-at-juno.com>
Subject: RE: newbie [TANKS]
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 02:19:25 GMT
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

AH! too many wires! its so confusing! get it away! do you have to build your own 
relays? well, i think i am going to SKIP right over RC and just make a tiny little 
crammed 2 man paintball tank. then, if i want to later, pop some servos on the 
controls and have an rc tank with...........not great controls, but good enough to 
drive with a Tx. i have got some of the plans drawn out. there will be the driver 
sitting in the front on the floor in an N shape. then the turret man right behind 
him sitting on a short stool. the tank will be about 4-5Ft. long and 2-3Ft. wide and 
4-5Ft. high. and yes, it wil be the Pzkpfw 2, the boxy shaped tank. my only grey 
areas are: 1. what motors to use that will powerfull enough to power a 2 man tank. 
2. how to make the motor-to-sprocket drive system 3. how to make the bogies and give 
them suspension and 4. the wireing. i think you all know, i am NOT an electrision. i 
figure, all i need to do is wire the motor to the battery and add a switch. simple 
power on/power off opperation for each tread. if i get somting like a 
motor/battery/charger combo from a scooter or powerwheel it should be simple. that 
is IF a motor from a scooter/powerwheel is strong enough. 

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