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From: "Tim Hansen" <barspin720-at-juno.com>
Subject: Re: newbie [TANKS]
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 23:53:25 GMT
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

so i can just use the IMX-1 Invertable RC Tank Mixer as an ESC? just plug it into 
the reciever, motor, and battery? or do i have to use one IMX-1 Invertable RC Tank 
Mixer PER track?

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          "HPI FREAK"

-- Joe Sommer <anvilus9-at-adelphia.net> wrote:


At 09:23 PM 4/3/2005 +0000, "Tim Hansen" <barspin720-at-juno.com> wrote:
>why cant this be as simple as rc cars? battery, motor, ESC, and radio are 
>all you need.

Most tanks need at least 12V 30A per track.  That will fry
regular ESCs.  Ask the Maryland tankers about the
Traxxas XL-1 that they sacrificed to the God of Smoke.

The biggest baddest ESCs for RC cars are the
Traxxas EVX (14.4V, 30A, $110) and the Novak
Super Rooster (12V, $117).

EVXs and Super Roosters cannot handle 24V.

1)  You need two ESCs and a right/left mixing circuit
to control two tracks with one joystick.  None of our
tankers use right stick for right track and left stick for
left track.

cost = 2 x $110 plus RobotLogic IMX-1 mixer $40

$260 will make it as simple as RC cars.

2)  I fried an EVX with my 12V Makita drill motors in
Hetzer T010 during early testing.  I got the EVX used
from Ebay and it may have been abused.  However,
I did not include it in my review because of this mishap.

3)  Most of our tankers are either misers, or cheap-skates,
or penny-pinchers, or skin-flints, or tight-wads, or scroungers,
or all of the above.  They prefer automotive relays.

4)  This is a relatively new hobby and vendors have not
developed special products for us.


Joe Sommer, Anvilus Machine Works
2378 Nantucket Circle, State College, PA 16803
814.234.4773     anvilus9-at-adelphia.net

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