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From: "Tim Hansen" <barspin720-at-juno.com>
Subject: newbie [TANKS]
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 01:37:15 GMT
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

hi, i am Tim Hansen. i saw the thing on RC PaintBall tanks on TV (Inside R/C on the 
outdoor channel) and was fascinated. i have been playing paintball and driving Nitro 
RC cars for about 5 years and thought, how cool would it be to combine the two? i 
know how to set up the turret to fire paintballs and where to mount the servos to 
make it function, but what i dont know is how to build the darn thing. i dont know 
how to make the hull, turret, tracks/treads, or how to make the drive system. do you 
make the tanks out of balsa wood? is there anyone out there that could send me 
instructions or blue prints on how to build a simple functioning tank? any, ANY help 
would be MUCH helpful.

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