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From: "WJ" <WJ-at-vdtogt.nl>
Subject: Re: High-Low gears [TANKS]
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 14:32:24 +0100 (CET)
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

I am very proud to announce that a fellow Dutchman has already built and
tested a drive train like this.  The URL was posted 2 months or so ago. 
Ill try and find it for you!
This is the URL: http://home.tiscali.nl/iliyacerjak/gearbox.htm

WJ (TNT Member)

> I'd like to pick the brains of those who already have operational tanks or
> have driven one in a battle. I was bored at work yesterday and was
> brainstorming ideas for a drive train. I kept coming back around to the
> notion of having a two or three speed transmission. My thoughts on the
> matter were that having the ability to alter the tank's power vs speed
> could
> be a real asset on the battlefield, allowing it to adapt itself to various
> terrains. Three speeds would be ideal I think, as having a low 'offroad'
> gear in the 2-3 mph range would give more power for climbing steep slopes
> and obstacles. The middle gear would be the 'cruising' gear, giving around
> 4-6 mph and enough power to navigate tall grass and minor bumpy stuff like
> gravel and tire ruts. High gear would be the 'pursuit' gear, giving
> perhaps
> 8-10 mph but only be really suitable for flat grass or paved areas. A
> two-gear system would be a bit easier to build, but as long as I'm talking
> about it, I like the wider flexibility of the three-gear system.
> Do you think it would be worth it? Have you ever been in a battle and
> wished
> you could gear down to move through some really rough terrain that nobody
> else could navigate? Have you ever wished you could kick it up a notch to
> chase down a foe?
> I try to follow the KISS rule, and every additional system in a vehicle
> such
> as this is another opportunity for failure, but I keep coming back to it.
> Can the guys who have 'been there' give me a thumbs up or down as to
> whether
> or not they feel that this could be an asset? Or even work?
> Erik 'quick change' Kump