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From: "John Barager" <gogetta20-at-hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Anyone considered Tin?
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 00:17:11 -0400
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Med.A = Medium Mk.A Whippet.
I don't know the kill ratios, as the stolen tanks didn't really get the same 
atention and care as the A7V did. Although they were used more. But I'd 
assume much lower then that of the A7V.
And yes, the Germans experimented with flamethrowers and AT rifles on their 
captured Mk.IV's.

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Subject: Re: Anyone considered Tin?
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 21:12:03 -0500

Whats a Med.A never heard of a tank buy that name. I simply base the armour 
piercing rounds from a report made by one of the MkIV male commaders who 
said that his tank was pocketed with holes from the armour piercing MG 
rounds of the two A7v and forced the two Mk IV females to retreat with large 
holes in thier sides.
Any way, do you know what the kill ratio of  the allied tanks in German 
services was? And do you know if its true that the Germans fitted 
Flamethrowers and AT-Rifles in some of the MK IV they captured.

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Subject: Re: Anyone considered Tin?

&gt;13:1 is a reserved estimate, as only one A7V was lost to fire solely
&gt;from an allied tank (Actually, it was 5 british Mk.IV Males that
&gt;took the single A7V down, they ganged it). And two others lost by
&gt;combination Allied tanks and Artillery/infantry. As opposed to the
&gt;known 50 or so Allied tanks lost to the A7V over it's 6-engagement
&gt;lifetime (First day a tank-tank battle happened, 3 Mk.IV's and 4
&gt;Med.A's were destroyed by just 2 A7V's).  And the thing about the
&gt;machine guns, no they did not fire armour piercing rounds, the main
&gt;gun (57mm) fired high explosive and armour piercing rounds, and that
&gt;is how it made the holes (I'm aware of the battle you're refering
&gt;too also). The thing you must remember is, the A7V had double the
&gt;armour thickness of allied tanks at the time, and although they did
&gt;fall over un uneven terrain, or break down frequently, they still
&gt;were able to hold their own against allied tanks. If there had been
&gt;more then 20 built (Blame German war ministry for they, they didn't
&gt;believe in the tank.. of course they changed their mines for the
&gt;second war), and had they been fielded earlier with better trained
&gt;men, they would have had a huge impact on the war.
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&gt;Subject: Re: Anyone considered Tin?
&gt;Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 07:58:23 -0500
&gt;A 13-1 kill ratio sounds a little big for a tank that fell on it
&gt;side, and could barly turn depenading on the terain. All the same
&gt;its a cool tank I must admitt. On the other hand those machine guns
&gt;on the side were not worthless against other tanks of the day,
&gt;remeber they in many cases fired armour pierceing rounds, in at
&gt;least one engagment that I know of two mark IV females were forced
&gt;to leave a battle with A7V after having big wholes blown in thier
&gt;                       Francisco
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&gt;Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 5:50 AM
&gt;Subject: Re: Anyone considered Tin?
&gt;&amp;gt;Well, if you decide to build one, drop me an e-mail or post
&gt;&amp;gt;something here, I'sd be more then happy to help. And spam this
&gt;&amp;gt;mailing list with A7V info, lol.
&gt;&amp;gt;But if it's far enough in the future (A a year or so) then I'll
&gt;&amp;gt;you a copy of the book I am working on of the A7V.
&gt;&amp;gt;Although I have to admit, it would be really cool to have a pair
&gt;&amp;gt;A7V replicas in the battlefeild. Please don;t make the
&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;quot;generalization&amp;quot; mistake.. I hate that. All 20 
&gt;were different
&gt;&amp;gt;in appearance for various reasons.
&gt;&amp;gt;And I'm using the single gun in the front. All 6 other guns are
&gt;&amp;gt;Maxim 08/15 Machine guns, and thus worthless as a main armament.
&gt;&amp;gt;- John &amp;quot;Uber-Strumpanzerwagen nerd&amp;quot; Barager.
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&gt;&amp;gt;Subject: Re: Anyone considered Tin?
&gt;&amp;gt;Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 20:47:15 +1030
&gt;&amp;gt;It certainly would be an impressive tank to see cruising the
&gt;&amp;gt;battlefield! I think my next tank should be an A7V I've always
&gt;&amp;gt;them. Are you going to use the front gun or the side two? If I
&gt;&amp;gt;one I'll just use the front gun as it would be easier to build.
&gt;&amp;gt;Check Hoyts movie times via SMS: