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From: Steve Edwards <sedwards-at-awger.net>
Subject: Re: Introductions... and insanity
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 21:30:20 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

The plan is to build a welded steel spaceframe out of 1/4" bar stock 
with inset 1/4" plywood, then fiberglassed. I wouldn't consider building 
a wood-only chassis, as I've seen what stong motors can do to 
seemingly-strong wood.

Power will be 2hp electric motors geared down 20:1. Batteries shouldn't 
be a problem, at 1/4 scale a Jagdpanzer would be about 2.5 ft wide, so 
there'll be lots of room. Drive sprocket rims will be cast (if I can't 
find something suitable OTS), sprocket teeth will be steel. Track links 
will be cast from C-1508 (aluminum/urethane resin) with steel pins.

I don't expect maneuverability will be much of a problem, as the power 
to weight ratio will be well within acceptable limits (at 400lbs it'd 
have the same HP/W as a moden M1 Abrams). Force on the teeth at the 
sprocket should be on the order of 650psi, total tractive force over 500lbs.

That is, if it all holds together. The big question mark is the C-1508, 
which is supposed to be good for 11,200psi, but I don't know how well it 
will perform at track link thickness, so finding out will be the first 
part of this project.

John Barager wrote:

> Man, having a tank that large will require alot of practise. I'm 
> working on a Char FCM 2C (One of the WW1 tanks jopining the fray).And 
> the rolling chassis is about 6 feet long, over 2 feet wide and tall. 
> The whole thing is going to weigh close to 200 or 250 lbs. Soit's a 
> real challange.
> And if you plan to use wood, take my sugestion and use a strong wood 
> for an interior frame (Like a roll cage in a car, except it's the 
> frame), and cover it in 1/4 inch pressed plywood. I've found so far 
> that my chassis, with me in it, can handle the dirt hill behind my 
> house very well.
> I also have to point out menuverability and mobility will be problems, 
> and you should really consider the power you're going to need to run 
> the tank, both motors and batteries. I don't yet have any electronics 
> in mine but I know I'm going to install alot of redundant systems, 
> mainly because I don't want to have to drag it around if it breaks.
> I hope that helps with your idea to build such a large scale.