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From: adt22-at-drexel.edu
Subject: Re: vantec motor controller for sale
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 18:31:56 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

> How much laptop power do you need to program your roboteq?  I just 
> happen to have a stash of 150Mhz IBM Thinkpads in good working 
> order and 
> would consider a 2-for-1 swap if you're interested.

Hey Frank,
  I'm looking for a battery for a 560x Thinkpad for use in my T34.  Not sure if it 
the batteries match up.  Would you be willing to sell a battery or the whole 
laptop/do you have a good source of laptop batteries?
  The battery part number is 46H4144.